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Sit a bit and hear some observational stories I’ve been steeping.

You can’t please everyone…

…so, you’ve got to please yourself.  At least, that’s the message Rick Nelson was promoting in his last Top 40 hit.  He was talking about the 20,000 disgruntled fans he encountered at a Madison Square Garden concert in the early 1970’s.  Certainly, I don’t have any experience disappointing stadiums full of cranky people, but I know how badly I feel when I’ve upset just one or two citizens in my line of vision.  For me, there is no joy to be found at the thought of making only me happy.


Not too long ago, I had someone confront me about something I’d done, quite innocently (but with my wits about me, so I thought), with the sole intention of helping others out and possibly spreading some joy while I was at it.  The business terms were simple enough and the rewards to be reaped were nominal, at best, but I was very pleased with the possibilities and all seemed right with the world.  That is, until it was pointed out that the world might ultimately be the price paid for the small part I had chosen to play with this particular company (I exaggerate, but so did my complainant).  The point is that someone didn’t approve of a little thing I had done, as they believed the greater good was at stake.


I have discovered that angry, passionate people or those trapped in a world of hurt (due to grief or disappointment) don’t always put their manners pants on when dealing with the human race.  It hurts when these folks lash out at you, just because you’re in their strike zone and it takes a big person to stand tall, fists behind your back as to not hit back.  Standing not too far away from the five foot mark – I’m not that big, but I try.


As a responsible member of the human race, I do my part to research the information given to me when considering everything I do, from what I buy, to what I eat, to seriously considering what size cosmic shoe leaves the smallest carbon footprint after I am gone – but the truth is (regardless of how careful I am) wherever I tread I will most likely break leaves, unwittingly step on bugs or toes and somehow impact the world around me.  In life, I truly try to do as little damage as possible and spend a good part of my days trying to repair what I can.  I suppose I’m rather naïve to think the world might be a better place if we all felt that way.


There is a simple rule/commandment/teaching that basically asks us to treat one another, as we would hope to be treated.  Maybe if we can’t please everyone, we’ve got to please them… at least as much as we would like to be pleased (my apologies, Mr. Nelson to jostle your song that way).  You know, the ol’ do-unto-others-square-dance.  I am not perfect.  Never have been perfect.  Vegas odds are that I won’t ever achieve perfection before the first shovel of dirt hits the box.  However, I do still want to continue raising the bar ever higher, in an attempt to do the best I can, though I may stumble now and then.  All I can ask, in return, is that you help me up, hold my hand and point me in the right direction when you think I need it and I will do my best to continue on the path to doing the right thing.  If we both sit on that see-saw, eventually things will even out.

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